Anger, frustration, rage, agitation!!
It doesn’t just come from one triggering situation.
It arises from an accumulation of hurts pushed deep inside.
The pain comes out in heated ways because there’s nowhere for it to hide.
We get sick and tired of being disappointed and sliced in the heart.
Take time to face the sadness? Many don’t know where to start.
What do you do when it feels like all or most of your safety has been stripped away?!!
We have been taught to just put up our defenses, be strong and just live day by day.
We need helpful tools to face our grief so our deep pain won’t stay.

– (Poem By ALorrita)

Oftentimes we try to learn to manage our anger, but it’s important to get to the root of the anger.

We all have grief from many different types of losses and often they come from being hurt in relationships. We want to learn to forgive others but sometimes we need to face the truth of the real pain first before we can let it go. It also helps to have a compassionate person listen to your grief story without judgment, criticism, and analysis.

It’s certainly unpleasant for most people to feel out of control with anger but they need help with all the underlying pain. We all know that hurt people often hurt others not because they really want to.

Explore how you can help others more with their hurts and if needed, get help for dealing with your own losses.

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