It’s always a great time to achieve growth in your significant relationship.

Explore how to grow in your relationship!!
Get helpful feedback from a confidential online assessment.

Discover your strengths and learn where you can grow as a couple. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more effective communication skills and other relationship skills that can help you overcome barriers. Also, I integrate specialized professional counseling within the program, including guiding practical ways of creating healthier boundaries in your relationship.

The Prepare-Enrich Program offers you all of this and more. It has helped many couples for over 30 years. I facilitate this program with one couple at a time – premarital or married couples.

Premarital counseling is not just for engaged couples. It is beneficial to explore compatibility and potential issues before considering engagement. Also, building the necessary relationship skills early as possible can create a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship for any couple.

I love helping couples build a great foundation for their relationship and also appreciate the opportunities of restoring hope in marriages.


“I have recommended this program to our son and will recommend it to friends. It is safe and effective way to talk and listen to someone you love.” – Marriage counseling client regarding the Prepare-Enrich program

“You make it easy for us to talk…” “the tools you provided will make it easier for us to try to communicate”
– Client from Cypress area who had marriage counseling

For more information about this effective program, contact
Prepare-Enrich Facilitator Andrea Sams, M. Ed., LPC, CGRS
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